Recovering your time respecting our planet


The next generation of global transportation networks

We've set out to significantly reduce the time and friction of travel while leaving no carbon footprint behind.

We are committed to bringing people closer together in a more vibrant and compassionate world where distance is no longer a barrier, and to innovation that is kind to our planet.



Time is precious

Through supersonic flight, we will give time back to our customers. Time to connect, to love, to grow, to enjoy.

Protect the planet

We are committed to addressing climate change and work hard to be part of the result to reverse it.

Deeper human connections

Personal connections are now more important than ever for empathy, understanding, and compassion to thrive.

Travel should be amazing

We are making air travel an exciting, enjoyable, efficient, and luxurious experience that seamlessly integrates into our customers life.




Entrepreneurs, innovators, risk takers, and pioneers

The mindset of a startup with decades of research and experience underneath us.


Aircraft Programs and Launches


of employees certified private pilots

Aerion Team

Tom Vice

Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Richard Tracy

Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and EVP Technology & Advanced Programs

Matthew Mejía

Chief Financial Officer and EVP Strategy & Investor Relations

Steve Berroth

Chief Operating Officer and EVP Aircraft Development